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About Us

About Us

Cade Lauren at Beaming Soul is an Intuitive Mentor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy Practitioner. She holds space for those who desire to tap into their subconscious, ignite their intuition and become wildly aligned in all areas of their life. She helps you heal what no longer serves you on a deeper level - as well as cultivate a lifestyle powered by calm, joy, freedom and abundance.

Get ready to experience your most authentic self and step into your boldest potential.​


Become spiritually aligned, heal the limitations and step into your infinite potential with 1:1 space holding with Cade.

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Treat yourself to some soul treats for healing, expansion and ascension. These digital products will become a divine addition to your soulful rituals and everyday practice.

Let's make some magic.

Cade works in a divine blend of intuitive mentorship, hypnotherapy and energy work to support your journey. Close work with angelic energy sets Cade's services apart from the rest, elevating your experience and opening you up to infinite love, healing, guidance and aligned opportunity. 


Remote Angel Readings

Lean into what your angels want you to know and receive divine guidance aligned with your present moment.

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Angelic Infused Hypnotherapy

Angelic healing and infused hypnotherapy sessions to support you in tapping into your limitless potential.

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VIP Experience

A 12-week VIP experience, to help you become spiritually aligned on all levels of your being.



In the world of spirit, there is no such thing as space or time. No distance, no hierarchy.

Everything is energy, including you, me and our whole world around us. And there's nothing restraining the travel, movement or growth of energy. This is how the miraculous happens.

We are truly limitless.

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Beaming Soul



Babe, you are BEAMING

After years of self-discovery and healing my own past, it became clear that I held a sparkling purpose to hold space for others. A purpose to awaken individuals to the light of life and to show we all have the power to tap into our infinite potential within. I'm here to spread light, the power of our present moment, intuition and how we can truly become spiritually aligned.


We are all born pure, limitless souls - this is a journey back home to our core truth. Welcome to Beaming Soul.

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