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About Us

About us

Welcome to Beaming Soul! If you're ready to come home to a calmer lifestyle, you've come to the right place. Founded in 2020 by Cade Jenkins, Beaming Soul is a soulful hub to help you feel aligned in all areas of your life.

Through a combination of hypnotherapy, wellbeing coaching, and energy healing, Cade helps you reclaim balance and clarity.

Come join me in saying goodbye to what no longer serves you, and hello to a more gentle way of being.


Step into your fullest potential, embody a calmer life and tap into your most authentic self  with Cade's 1:1 services (currently paused)


Treat yourself to some soul treats for healing and expansion. These products will become a divine addition to your soulful living and everyday practice.

Let's make some

Hi, I'm Cade!


I work in a blend of wellbeing coaching, hypnotherapy and energy work to support you on your journey to a calmer lifestyle. Having been through a powerful personal journey myself, I've made it my mission to support those who feel called to a more gentle way of being and live in their fullest expression.


Close work with angelic energy and other spiritual practices sets my services apart from the rest, elevating your experience and opening you up to infinite love, healing, guidance, and aligned opportunities. My practice is integrative, so we tune into exactly what YOU need, and what you desire from the experience. 

- Not currently taking 1:1 clients -

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Our hypnotherapy sessions support you in tapping into your limitless potential and letting go of what no longer serves you. Feel balance, peace, and clarity on all levels of your being.

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VIP Experience

A 12-week VIP experience with a divine blend of intuitive hypnotherapy and wellbeing coaching, to help you lead a wildly aligned life. 


Remote Angelic Card Readings

Lean into what your angels want you to know and receive guidance aligned with your present moment.



Nothing compares to coming home to a calmer you. In a natually busy world, it can be hard to find respite. Consciously creating a life where you lead with a gentle approach and follow your intuition is key to ensuring that you're taking the best care of yourself. 

Experience a soulful life, fuelled by peace, calm, and clarity.

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Beaming Soul



Babe, you are BEAMING

After years of self-discovery and healing my past, it became clear that I held an unshakeable purpose to hold a safe space for others. A purpose to awaken individuals to the light of life and to show we all have the power to tap into our infinite potential within.


Through healing our limitations, embracing the present moment, and embodying a slower way of life, we experience what it means to be in true alignment. This looks different to everybody, but feels incredible. 


This is our journey home to a calmer, more gentle way of being. Welcome to Beaming Soul.

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