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Remote Angel Card Reading

Receive divine guidance, aligned with your present moment, from your angels with a remote Angel Card Reading.


I'm a certified Angel Guide, having spent years cultivating a deep connection to the angelic realm to channel your messages.


I send your reading through WhatsApp messenger, however, if another platform is more suitable, you can fill this in the form provided when booking. Once I have channelled and received your personal messages, I lead you through that guidance via voice notes and of course, pictures of your cards for you to see and tune into yourself.

This is a great way to receive the guidance you need without the ties of a scheduled call - plus your reading will be saved in our history for you to refer back to. Win-win! 

PLEASE NOTE: When you have booked a date, your reading will be sent to you at any time on your chosen day, between the times of 9 AM - 5 PM GMT. Choose any time of day on the booking calendar - you do not need to be available when your reading is being sent to you. You can access and listen to your reading whenever you'd like to, in your own time.

  • Tune into what your angels desire you to know in this present moment

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    30 min

    40 British pounds

Working with the angels

We have worked with angels since the beginning of time, meaning they fully connect with our human experience and can support us immensely through each chapter of our lives. Their strong connection with our earth experience is a huge reason why the help from our angels is so profound and can propel our journey in many ways. 

The expansive energy our angels carry is second to none, as well as their high vibrations we all have the ability to tune into and enjoy - we are truly blessed to be able to work with them to create magic and receive divine guidance aligned with our present moment.


What to expect from your remote angel reading

- You will receive your reading via audio, with pictures of your card and personalised action steps. I do it this way so you can easily refer back to your channelled guidance and save pictures of your card messages.


- Your full angel card reading will include 3 core intentions (along with extended messages), including a present archangel energy card, a message from the heart card and a grounded action card.

- If called to, I may send distant angelic healing to amplify and elevate your experience 

- After sending over your channelled guidance and cards, I will provide you with personalised action steps to truly bring your guidance from the angels into your reality - it's powerful hearing the guidance, but taking action is important to move forward in alignment.


Working with energy

In the world of spirit and energy, there is no such thing as space or time. No distance, no hierarchy.

And the truth is... everything is made of energy. Including you, me and our whole world around us. There's nothing restraining the travel, movement or growth of energy. 

Of course, as energy is not limited to time, space, proximity or any kind of measure - this is exactly why I can connect to you and your angels, just as well as if I was sitting in a room with you.

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