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Welcome to your

Mini Angelic Ascension Toolkit

Below, find your free Angelic Ascension toolkit goodies!


Including a deeply powerful Angelic Attunement Audio, intentional Angel Prayers to open your channel and Frequency Wallpapers to elevate your vibration. 

Use to your desire and enjoy!

Image by Elena Joland

Angelic Attunement

In this powerful meditation audio, we will be expanding your frequency, elevating your consciousness and opening your channel to the angelic realm. 

Here, you will be able to connect with the angelic energies in your presence at this time - whether that be your guardian angel or an Archangel energy.

Let go of any expectations, tune in and enjoy the potency of this experience. 

Angelic Attunement for Ascension
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Angel Prayers: In this download, you will find intentional Angel Prayers you can use in your everyday spiritual practice. You can use these prayers before meditation to set a deep intention or use them to simply call upon your Angels in the present moment.  

Frequency wallpapers: Here's a bit of fun! I've created some beautifully high vibe phone wallpapers/printables for you to use to your desire. You can either use them as your phone lock screen or print them out to place in your space. Either way, they're here to elevate!

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