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Who we are

Cade Lauren at Beaming Soul is an Intuitive Lifestyle Mentor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy Practitioner. She holds space for those who desire to tap into their subconscious, ignite their intuition and become wildly aligned in all areas of their life. She helps you heal what no longer serves you on a deeper level - as well as cultivate a lifestyle powered by joy, purpose and abundance.

Get ready to experience your most authentic self and step into your boldest potential.

​Cade offers bespoke 1:1 containers, programmes and creates soulful tools to support leading a calmer lifestyle, activating your intuition and aligning to your soul vision. She does this through a potent combination of lifestyle mentoring, quantum hypnotherapy, energy healing, angel readings and psychic guidance.


Since following her soul’s calling, Cade has evolved her own soul-led lifestyle and gifts as a spiritual alchemist, continuing to help others do the same.

Image by Elizabeth Pishal

Hi lovely, I'm Cade

I’m Cade - your intuitive lifestyle guide and hypnotherapist.

My core mission is to awaken others to their infinite potential, open their channel and lead with their boldest expression. I help visionaries tune into their inner compass, heal what no longer serves them and get spiritually aligned AF in all areas of their lifestyle.

Here are some things to know: 

Libra SUN Aquarius MOON Taurus RISING

☾ I was brought up in a spiritual home and the work I do was introduced to me very young. I’m lucky to have such open and creative parents - I am who I am because of them.

☽ I played around with my first angel card deck when I was a little girl, later leaning into my calling to work with angels on a deeper level.

☾ I’m an old soul to say the least. At 22, I find myself connecting deeper with people older than me a lot of the time.

☽ I’m still on my own healing journey. I’ve battled severe anxiety and mental health struggles from a very young age and even though I’ve completely changed my life in so many ways, I still have ebbs and flows. I turned my pain into purpose, so here I am!

☾ I stand for kindness, self-leadership, paving our own way with no glass ceiling and expressing EVERY inch of our uniqueness in our boldest expression.

☽ A lover of crime dramas. And sticking to the theme of drama… I’m a Real Housewives obsessive. What’s your fave season? (RHOBH for me)

☾ My essence is gentle and consider myself an introvert. But at the same time, I’m expressive and stand strong in my power.

☽ My favourite song in the world is Luna by Bombay Bicycle Club or One True Prince by Don Broco. Music is healing.

Image by Elena Joland


Clinical Hypnotherapist
Life Coach

Spiritual Life Coach
Angel Guide and Healer
Psychic Practitioner
IPHM Accredited Practitioner
ACCPH Accredited Member
- Fully Insured -

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My Story

For the longest time, I felt like I didn’t belong. It was almost like life was a huge jigsaw puzzle and I was the only odd-shaped piece that didn’t fit in anywhere. I remember thinking when I was very small ‘why don’t my friends feel this anxiety? What’s wrong with me?'. And that emotional hitting comparison carried through my teens.

My mental health declined heavily during those years, a lot of trauma came from that time. Debilitating anxiety and a whole lot of sadness took over the Cade I knew. But now, I realise now that my vibration just wasn’t a match for the people or experiences that surrounded me. And a lot of the suffering with my mental health was an outcome of that.

It was hard, scary and I had no idea if things would ever feel better. I spent so many years not feeling at home within.

I knew that there was this niggling potential within me. Something big. Something I can only describe as sparkly and beyond exciting.

Deeply, in my heart, the traumas I was going through didn’t belong to me at soul level. They were not my truth.

However, there were a few blissful times through the period where I was struggling the most, where I did feel at home.

And an example of that that was when I was sitting with my mum, giving each other psychometry readings. Pulling cards... downloading guidance... connecting with energies I didn’t understand at that point, at just 14 years old.

But I didn’t need to understand.

I felt a deep gift within me. A connection in which made me feel so GOLDEN, in a time where I felt so deeply low.

However, now, I am sat here holding the most intense gratitude. For the present, but the past too. I’m not afraid to say that I hold a lot of wisdom for my age, and it’s because of the divine path I’ve led to this moment. I know without those experiences, I wouldn’t be here doing what I’m doing today. I realised it was in fact my spirituality that was the light through the darkest of days. And I feel gratitude every single day for the incredible energy my parents exposed me to during all of those years - and even now.

I’m lucky enough to hold a sacred space for awakening visionaries all over the world... and I now know that my purpose is to help others awaken to the light of life. I’m blessed because I get to shine my light and support those who are a part of Beaming Soul to come home. Home to their infinite potential and light they hold within. That is a gift I'll forever honour. 

I'm beyond grateful you're here.

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