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Business strategy and business energetics are not separate entities

A light musing on business strategy and energetics

Being in the online business world for over a year now has made something pretty clear to me: it is shared time and time again that business strategy and business energetics are two separate entities. For me, not so much.

Let's debunk this.

'Strategy vs Energetics' - something that's said a lot and you see quite frequently coming from business coaches in the online space. And I'm guessing that what people mean when they say business strategy vs business energetics is: the tangible vs the intangible - the focused 'doing' vs the 'woo woo'.

But when I feel into this, I approach business with the knowledge that everything is energy (in fact, 99.99999% of the world we live in is energy, and just 0.00000% is matter). So whether you're implementing strategy and focus, or whether you're spending an hour expanding your frequency to calibrate with your business dreams...

It's ALL energy.

Most people would say looking into my day to day life that I run my business very energetically, and they're not wrong. I do. But that doesn't look like spending all day lying on the office floor visualising my success (well, sometimes it can!).

I move with the downloads, I move with the intention, which means I take the inspired action. And it's the action piece that's energy in itself. Soulful action is needed to build the business you desire and that's the truth, but it has to come from somewhere.

The difference is, I lead from my heart and intuition when I take the action.

Working with strategies you dislike because you feel like you have to (maybe you've seen others implement it and it works for them, or you've been told to in a blueprint/method/course) is taking away your own power and neglecting divine intuition. And to be honest, most people with an online business have felt or done that. I know I have. This is why at one point, I wanted to scrap strategy all together! But it doesn't have to be that way.

If I feel intuitively called to do something, I'll do it. And yes, that will probably be using a business strategy! I probably use strategies every single day in my business, but...

I'm still running my business through energetics.

Because it comes from a place of soul desire, a desire of how I decide to move that day.

So know that you don't have to choose between running your business more energetically or more strategically... it's all the same thing. We take action from a place of energy, we set the intention and consciously manifest from a place of energy.

A tip on how to run your business from a place of self-leadership, embodiment and enjoyment: Each day, ask yourself 'how do I want to show up today?' and feel into how you want to make your moves.

Lead from that intuitive, expansive energy and see what magic happens.

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