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A Spiritually Aligned 2022: Reflection & Visioning Ritual

The beautiful new year is approaching, so there's no better time than now to align your energy with what you desire for 2022.

I wanted to share with you a simple yet powerful ritual you can integrate, to add an extra layer to your reflection and visioning process. This includes journal prompts to support you in digging deeper into what energy you'd like to move into the new year with, and from there, how you can activate your energy to bring your 2022 desires to life.

- To experience this extra layer of luxury fully, I recommend you check out my all-new Spiritually Aligned 2022 Bundle, which includes all prompts, rituals and integrations. It also includes a powerful audio activation (probably one of my favourites I've created up to date!) for you to move through and activate your boldest potential.

Click on the link to expand your ritual -

Enjoy this divine taster!

Set up a sacred space, light some candles and grab your favourite journal... tune into the callings of your Soul:

🪞 What significant lessons have I moved through in the past year?

🪞 What do I desire more of in 2022?

🪞 What do I desire to release as I move into the new year?

🪞 If I knew my whole worth, would I still desire what’s in my vision for 2022? What would stay and what would leave?

🪞 How can I embody my most inspired vision in this present moment?

Now let's activate...

After moving through each of the journal prompts above, focus primarily on your desires for 2022, and what you'd like to release. Ensure you're in a quiet space with no distraction and close your eyes...

Take 3 consciously deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Ground yourself in the space you're in.

Carry on taking these breaths but set the intention that you're breathing in the energy of:

- self-belief, acknowledgement and inner power

- your desires for 2022

- the divine lessons and codes you moved though

And now, set the intention you're breathing out the energy of:

- anything you desire to let go of moving forward

- any past challenges and struggle

- resistance, fear and energy blockages

Are you going to integrate this ritual as you reflect on 2021, and lean into the energy 2022?

Cheers to a spiritually aligned new year!

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