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A simple guide to connecting to your Angels

Back when I felt the undeniable pull to cultivate a deeper connection to my Angels, I leaned into a beautiful journey that took me to depths I never had before. But it didn't take anything hard or 'out of this world' to do it. A lot of the time, we can think something like opening our channel to the Angelic realm would be something only certain people with certain gifts or abilities can do... and that we would have to put ourselves on a different, special level in order to experience that connection.

The truth is, just as you are RIGHT in this very moment, you have the ability to connect with the Angels. Now it's a funny one... spiritual connection is both special and not special at the same time. Of course, what you experience is beyond transformational, but it doesn't take you being 'special' to do it. All it takes is intention, trusting yourself and moving with an open heart. That's all.

I'm going to take you through a simple yet impactful guide to cultivating a deep and intentional connection to the Angels - so if you're somebody who feels this Angelic calling, look no further. This ritual can be done daily, as part of a routine. Your Angelic ascension is just like strengthening and working out your muscles - consistency. If you truly integrate a ritual such as this one (feel free to change it up to align with you and your energy!), you'll be strengthening your spirit connection beyond measure.

Get comfortable and begin to sit in quiet meditation. Eyes closed, taking deep, conscious breaths. Your breath is the connector between you and Source energy you hold within - breathe in pure white light, breathe out any tension. Calmness and tranquility is a huge part to cracking yourself open to connect, and trusting in that connection.

Before any energy work, I always ask Archangel Michael to come in and place their cloak of protection over me. Set the intention you are releasing any stagnancy in this present moment, and then envision a bright light (perhaps the colours blue and white) covering your whole body.

With this bright light, I like to expand it outwards from my body, 360 degrees. This truly puts you into an energy of expansion, which aligns with high vibrational impact Angels have. It's always incredible to really feel how powerful your own energy field is.

Here is where we set intention. Something really great I learned from Kyle Gray (if you haven't heard of him, get to know!) was a way we can align our energy with the Angels... visualise a dial at the back of your head. On the other side of this dial, it says 'Angels'. Imagine this dial turning to attune to the frequency of the Angelic realm, just like a radio station. Because when we connect to spirit, that's all it is. Energetic frequencies, the same as when we tune into various radio stations.

Angel prayers are definitely personal to you, but you can implement a prayer along the lines of:

Thank you Angels for reminding me of your divine presence. It feels so good to know you’re here. Thank you for working your power and revealing to me what I need to know in this present moment. And so it is.

Sit with their powerful, expansive energy. Open every sense. What emotions do you feel? What do you see? Hear? Lean into any guidance. Allow them to shine their light and work through your energy centres. There's no right or wrong experience here... you may be somebody who is more visual, or maybe more in tune with emotion. Whatever you receive, trust in the knowing that it's what you're meant to be experiencing right now.

Thank your Angels for their presence and the space they held with you. To finish, set the intention you are one with the Earth, whilst visualising red roots flowing from your feet and down deep into the ground below you. Also, turn that dial back!

Remember that you can call on your Angels whenever you desire. This ritual is a powerful one to move through on a consistent basis, but feel free to simply set intention and stay open to receive what your Angels want you to know in this present moment. We never have to complicate it, we are already wildly energetic beings with the natural ability to connect.

The rituals and intentions we set are actually not for our Angels, they're for us.

To ignite trust. To ignite openness. Within OURSELVES.

Are you feeling the calling to connect with your Angels?

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