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The present moment is the gateway to infinite potential

The access point to ultimate peace, freedom and expansion.

The present moment is talked about a lot in this space and can seem like a throwaway statement - 'you've just got to be more present'. But it was only this year that I discovered the true essence of presence and the power that the present moment held, for all of us collectively.

I remember when I began reading Dr Joe Dispenza's incredible books, especially Becoming Supernatural, and my whole view on life completely deepened. Thank you, Universe, for guiding me to this book! It was like this remembering, a deep understanding of how we can unconsciously move through life in a repeated cycle. When he was talking about what it meant to live your life from a place of the past and how it impacts your life, I realised I was doing just that... but instead, from a place of the future.

Especially when it came to conscious manifestation and tuning into my deepest desires, I placed my whole life in the future. Everything happened there, and never really here. And it's only here we have! I see so many others do this too, including some of my friends, family members and clients.

So, the truth is, our past and our future do not exist. The one and only experience that does exist is this present moment. A seemingly simple phenomenon, but an awakening that is quite literally life-changing - that we are living in the eternal now.

Because when we start leading from a place of complete and wholehearted presence, we unlock the access point to the infinite potentials we hold in this lifetime. The life our soul came here to live.

And we break the cycle. The cycle of stagnancy. The cycle of feeling stuck. The cycle of living in a place that no longer/does not exist.

So, what does living in the past and future look like? And most importantly, what does leading your life in complete presence look like?

Here's the lowdown.

Living your life from a place of the past can look like re-living the same cycle, habits, routines, emotional responses, manifestations and more. Basically like you're re-living the same day. You may be feeling stagnancy in your energy and feel uninspired, which leads to a lack of flow and creative blocks. Past experiences, events and situations can trigger limiting beliefs, then leading your life based on those blocks/fears. That can look like letting those past experiences control decision making and hinder your opportunity and growth.

Future based projection living can look quite different to leading from the past, and I find it's not spoken about as much. Basing your current reality on your future looks like questioning your worth in this present moment, and affirming that any of the success you desire does not belong to you now... it only belongs in the future. This creates a disconnect between you and your desires, as you're not embodying them in the present. It also leads to becoming super attached to an outcome, rather than embracing the journey.

You may be familiar with the term (or have said it, I know I have) 'I'll be happy when...'. This is a prime example of how living in the future creates a block to manifesting your desires, because you're placing your happiness somewhere that doesn't even exist yet.

Ah, here we are! Here's what living and leading yourself in this present moment looks like. By embodying complete presence, you are experiencing the access point of infinite potential - the quantum. In the quantum, there are no shoulds, no rules, no time, distance or any kind of constructs. This is the unified field of infinite energy where all of our desires already exist, every single potential. You know that at this moment (and every moment), you are complete, whole and a divine being of pure energy. If you tap into the quantum realm and bring all of your deepest, wildest visions to the present, you are then inevitably a walking embodiment of them.

You lead yourself from that expansive place and energy, in every present moment.

Through honouring the present, you are also able to heal and dissolve the blocks, fears and doubts that may be creating a disconnect. Because you can lean into what you're feeling right now and honour yourself through the process. So this isn't about being perfect in the present (another thing that doesn't exist!), this is about being YOU in the present.

Embodying presence: Break the bonds

Bringing ourselves back to the present moment truly is about breaking any bonds that keep us tied to the past or the future.

Here are a few ways you can cut the ties and bring yourself back into presence -

  • Meditation: In general, meditation is an incredibly powerful practice to bring yourself back to the present moment. Through the breath, we can set intentions, honour the now moment and connect back to ourselves. Cord-cutting meditations are transformative when breaking the bonds that keep you bound to the past or the future, as well as integrating breathwork to bring yourself to a place of presence.

Try my Divine Presence Meditation to break the energetic bonds and bring you back home to the now moment.

  • Cultivating JOY: What lights up your soul? Invest your energy in the things that you love. Make time for it. It doesn't have to be a whole day dedicated to your passions, it could look like cooking your favourite meal. Or walking on your favourite route. Getting the paints out for a few hours of expression. We're the most present when we're doing what makes us feel happy. Show yourself some love by honouring your soul's callings.

  • The power of gratitude: Take time to honour what you're grateful for in this very moment. Acknowledge the richness you have in your life presently, feel into that expansion. Don't worry about getting 'there', there is no end destination or deadline. You're whole, loved and complete. Bring it all to the now, honour your wholeness and send the frequency of gratitude into the Universe.

And so it is.

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