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Elevate your frequency to expansion


Our vibrational frequency translates into the depth of our everyday life experiences and the people around us. Even though everything is energy and our vibrational frequency impact on the life we lead is inevitable, we have the sovereign power to elevate our own energy to align with our deepest visions, desires and expansion.

An expanded frequency = a match and open channel for an expansive life experience.

You're not only becoming energetically matched to your vision, but also have an ascension of consciousness. A deep, undeniable connection to yourself and who you're here to be. Elevating your frequency to expansion means you are stepping into your fullest expression of YOU, which is the richest, most abundant state to be leading in.

What's important to remember whilst consuming, practising and integrating the goodness from this content is that you are naturally expansive, with limitless energetic potential. And yes, I can hear you ask - 'but why would I take time out to practice this if I'm already expansive and in an elevated frequency?'. Good question.

Our experience here on Earth is one of the most complex (not bad, just intricate). As a soul leading a human experience, we move through ebbs and flows of life. Lessons upon lessons. We also meet many other souls here in the complexity, we take on other people's energies without consciously knowing. We experience deep emotion. Layers and layers of it.

So when we put frequency elevation into practice, this is a homecoming. You are inviting yourself back within, back home to your natural state of abundance.

Here are some integrative steps to elevating your frequency to align with expansion here on Earth.

Firstly, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Our breath is a divine vessel and connector to Source. Feel how your breath moves through your body whilst you take those deep, conscious breaths.

Then, open a connection to the divine light by seeing a large orb of white light above your crown chakra. Let the light bathe you and run through your whole body. Feel into the limitless energy imbuing your presence and the light codes you're being charged with. Now, let the light run down into the Earth below you. Connecting you as above and so below.

As you're bathing in source light, take time to open each of your major energy centres. Consciously take your attention there and set the intention you are opening up to your centre’s power and cleansing every inch of your being with light.

Start from your heart chakra, the core of your being. Let the light open, cleanse and charge your heart space, then solar plexus, sacral chakra and your root… visualise a lotus flower opening on each chakra.

Then, take your attention up slowly back to your heart, then to your throat, third eye and back up to the crown. Again, envision a lotus flower gently blooming on each centre.

Here's where it gets juicy!

Now you are full of Source light, let it expand and radiate outwards from the centre of your heart space. You can feel your energy expanding 360 degrees around you, just like the sun. Allow it to get bigger and bigger. Feel it getting bigger than the room you're in, your home, bigger than your town, your city, bigger than your country...

See, sense and feel your energy field deeply at that moment. Know just how expansive you are. You can see that your energy field is loaded with limitless potentials.

In this present moment of expanded frequency, it's time to affirm your reality. What is your soul craving? Are there any energetic minimums you're affirming? Desires you're claiming? This is completely personal to you, but here are some of the powerful mantras and affirmations I have been aligned with recently:

  • I am a limitless being of infinite potential

  • I am the frequency of abundance

  • Creative inspiration flows to me with love and ease

  • My day unfolds with expansion

  • I am at peace and nonresistant

  • In every moment, I am open to miracles

  • The Universe supports me and my desires

  • Presence fills my being

  • I am whole. I am love.

And so it is.

Ensure that what you're putting out into the Universe means something to you, feel the emotion as you state your being.

Probably the biggest one here: EMBODY THE FREQUENCY. This means leading yourself in your every day from that expansive place. The choices and decisions you make... the habits and routines you implement... the way you talk to and carry yourself... all is part of the embodiment piece. Embodiment is the key to closing the gap between your current reality and the one you desire to be leading because you truly can bring it all to this present moment (don't get me started on the power of presence, that's another article!).

This isn't acting 'as if', this is raw and real self-leadership.

Ask yourself (and write it down): As someone leading myself from my fullest expression, what would I do? Who would I be?

Make your moves from that place. And that, my love, is how you hold the frequency.

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